Beryllium copper C17200 Beryllium copper bar – High temperature resistance

Beryllium copper, a type of Wuxi bronze, is an alloy primarily composed of beryllium as the main component. It typically contains 1.7% to 2.5% beryllium, along with small amounts of nickel, chromium, titanium, and other elements. Through quenching and aging treatments, this alloy can achieve a remarkable strength limit of 1250 to 1500MPa, comparable to medium strength steel. In its quenched state, it exhibits excellent plasticity and can be processed into various semi-finished products.

C17200 Beryllium Copper Bar

Beryllium copper, specifically C17200, has proven to be an invaluable material for non-ferrous metal low pressure and gravity casting molds, catering to a wide range of working conditions. Through extensive research and development, beryllium bronze mold materials with exceptional properties have been created. These materials exhibit high conductivity, both in terms of thermal and electrical properties, along with impressive strength, temperature resistance, toughness, and resistance to liquid metal erosion.

By addressing the root causes of mold failures and optimizing the material composition, beryllium bronze molds have successfully overcome the challenges associated with cracking and wear that are commonly faced in non-ferrous metal casting processes. As a result, the lifespan of the molds has significantly improved, leading to increased casting strength and faster release speeds.

Furthermore, the use of beryllium copper molds has effectively tackled issues such as adhesion and erosion caused by residual liquid metal. This has resulted in enhanced casting surface quality and reduced production costs. The remarkable performance and longevity of these molds have brought them closer to the level of imported molds, elevating the overall quality and efficiency of the casting process.

With a hardness rating of HRC43 and a density of 8.3g/cm3, C17200 beryllium copper, containing approximately 1.8% to 2.0% beryllium, finds widespread application in various industries. It is extensively used in plastic injection molding mold inserts, die cores, die casting punches, hot run cooling systems, heat conduction nozzles, blow mold cavities, automotive molds, wear plates, and more. The versatility and reliability of beryllium copper make it an indispensable material for achieving high-quality and durable molds in the casting industry.