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Copper Alloy Plant

*JS Group was founded in1997,who has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing copper alloys.

*Brach companies: 

               Guangdong Jiasheng copper material CO.,LTD,( 2004)

                Jiangsu Xiongsheng New material CO.,LTD,( 2018)

                Haitong international trading CO.,LTD.

*JS has expanded its products portfolio from red copper to a wide range of copper products, such as beryllium copper, plate, rod, strip, etc. JS integrates R&D, manufactures, and sales, who is the most important supplier of Southern and Eastern China for molds and probes industries.

*Main products: beryllium copper, beryllium nickel copper, beryllium cobalt copper, beryllium cobalt nickel copper, chromium zirconium copper, aluminum bronze.

*We follow the traditional concept of honesty, pragmatism, excellence, and keep innovating technic. We have explored many new products, using superior beryllium master alloy from domestic and abroad, through smelting in professional vacuum furnace, under the new processing semi-continuous casting and large tonnage forging, which can eliminate blister, stoma thoroughly.

*To match the needs of markets and customers, JS has produced many kinds of beryllium copper components, such as beryllium copper plate, rod, tube, sleeve, injection moulding head, and casting moulds.

*Our products are widely applied into tooling, welding equipments, electronic, mechanical, ATEX, aerospace, shipping building, oil exploration, ect.

*Measurements of rods: 



*Measurements of plates: Th(10-150)x W(10-900)x L(1000-1500)mm

*Specified measurements are available, pls. feel free to contact us.


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