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Beryllium Copper Alloy Suppliers​

We can support quantities to accommodate both high-volume
and low-volume needs. When you’re in need of beryllium copper products, you can count on us.

Beryllium Copper Alloy Suppliers​
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Copper Alloy Plant

Guangdong JS alloy Material Co.Ltd. was found in 1997. Start from the red copper production, we now become a manufacturer of full range copper material products. Such as red copper, beryllium copper,aluminum bronze,chromium zircon copper. We integrated the research and production together with sales and delivery of the copper material and become a key mould material supplier in south China.

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Main Products

At our facility, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of beryllium copper products, available in various sizes and tempers. Whether you require high-volume or low-volume quantities, we are equipped to meet your needs. When it comes to beryllium copper products, you can trust in our expertise and reliability.


C18150 Chromic zirconium copper chemical formula for CuCr1Zr


Nozzles, cores, injection molds, thermoforming molds, welding, etc.


Beryllium cobalt copper is widely used to make inserts and cores in injection moulds or steel moulds.


C17510 Beryllium Copper offers a high performance material that provides a unique...


Easy Cut Beryllium Copper is a free-machining high-performance copper-beryllium alloy


Beryllium copper is a kind of Wuxi bronze with beryllium as the main alloy component...

Beryllium Copper Alloy Industry Applications


Lightweight and electrically conductive, they are used in connectors and electrical components.


With excellent conductivity, they are widely used in connectors, switches, and relay springs.


These alloys enhance the reliability of electrical connectors, sensors, and spark plug electrodes.

Oil and Gas

Their mechanical properties make them suitable for downhole drilling tools and valve components.


Beryllium copper alloys are used in surgical instruments, implantable devices, and diagnostic equipment.

Defense and Military

Their high strength and non-sparking properties are valued in ammunition components and electrical connectors.


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Office Address:
2nd Floor, National Mold Products Testing Center,RoadLianhu,Chang’an Township,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province 523840,China.

Factory Address:No.175,Road Daxing,Yangwu Industrial Zone,Dalingshan Township,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China