Easy Cut Beryllium Copper – ALLOY M25 (UNS C17300)

Alloy M25 ( UNS 17300) or Easy Cut Beryllium Copper is a free-machining high-performance copper-beryllium alloy. It is an excellent substitute for Alloy 25 if enhanced machinability is required.

Easy cut beryllium copper – alloy M25 ( UNS C17300 )  or  Lead Beryllium Copper (Cube2Pb)–C17300 (CDA 173)  is identical to a version of lead-containing alloy C17200 and achieves the same exceptional strength after hardening. C17300 rods contain a small amount of lead to provide an alloy tailored for automatic machining operations and the Lead promotes formation of finely divided chips thus extending cutting tool life.



Commercial applications for this engineering material include:

Corrosion-resistant components; Current carrying springs; Welding electrodes; Electrical and electronic connectors.

Available Sizes: Custom Diameter & Sizes, Random Mill lengths


Chemical Composition:

Be: 1.85-2.10%

Co+Ni: 0.20% Min.

Co+Ni+Fe: 0.60% Max.

Lead: 0.20-0.60%

Cu: Balance


Typical Physical Properties:

Density (g/cm3): 8.36

Density before age hardening (g/cm3): 8.25

Elastic Modulus (kg/mm2 (103)): 13.40

Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20 °C to 200 °C m/m/°C): 17 x 10-6

Thermal Conductivity (cal/(cm-s-°C)): 0.25

Melting Range (°C): 870-980



1). the units are based upon Metric.

2). the typical physical properties apply to age hardened products.

International Specification:

Rods/Bars/Tubes: ASTM B196, QQ-C-530

Wires: ASTM B197, QQ-C-530

Plates: ASTM B194

European Standards: DIN 2.1248, CW102C to EN



ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials

QQ: Federal Specification

Note: Unless otherwise specified, material will be produced to ASTM.

Mechanical Properties:


Most Commonly Temper Used:

Rods/Bars/Tubes: A(TB00),H(TD04),AT(TF00),HT(TH04)

Wires: A(TB00),1/4 H(TD01),1/2 H(TD02),3/4H(TD03),H(TD04)

Plates: A(TB00),H(TD04),AT(TF00),HT(TH04)