CuNi2Be – Beryllium nickel copper rod bar c17510 | New energy high current needle

CuNi2Be—C17510 (CDA 1751) Nickel Beryllium Copper is the mirror image of alloys C17500 in terms of its properties & Characteristics. C17510 is also primarily utilized in the industry applications that require most highly thermal or electrical conductivity, which features a Nickel alloying addition (1.40-2.20%). C17510 also offers good strength and hardness characteristics coupled with conductivity in the range of 45-60 percent of copper with ultimate tensile and hardness properties approaching 140 ksi and RB 100 respectively.


beryllium copper rod bar c17510 | connector Current needle


Fabrication Properties

The fabrication properties of beryllium copper alloy C17510 include:

Cold Working
Hot Working

Welding processes such as brazing, soldering, gas shielded arc welding, butt welding, seam welding, coated metal arc welding, and spot welding are recommended for C17510 copper alloy. Oxyacetylene welding is not recommended for this alloy. C17510 copper alloys can be hot worked between 648 and 885 degrees Celsius.

C17510 beryllium copper alloys are highly preferred because they offer corrosion resistance, and its copper properties are high performance and high strength.

CuNi2Be—C17510, which is also known as CDA 1751, is a Nickel Beryllium Copper alloy that exhibits properties and characteristics that are quite similar to alloys C17500. It can be considered as the mirror image of C17500.

C17510 is primarily utilized in industrial applications that require the highest levels of thermal or electrical conductivity. It contains a Nickel alloying addition in the range of 1.40-2.20%, which enhances its conductivity properties.

In addition to its excellent conductivity, C17510 also offers good strength and hardness characteristics. Its conductivity ranges from 45-60% of copper, while its ultimate tensile strength can approach 140 ksi, and its hardness can reach RB 100.

The combination of high conductivity, strength, and hardness makes C17510 a valuable material for applications that demand efficient electrical and thermal transmission, as well as mechanical integrity. The alloy’s properties make it suitable for a wide range of industries and applications where conductivity and strength are essential.

In summary, CuNi2Be—C17510 (CDA 1751) Nickel Beryllium Copper is a highly versatile alloy that offers excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. With the addition of Nickel, it provides good strength and hardness characteristics as well. The alloy’s properties, including its conductivity, tensile strength, and hardness, make it a preferred choice for various industrial applications.

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