CuBeNi bar rod Beryllium copper uns c17510 | New energy Battery detection probe

C17510 Beryllium Copper Alloy, also known as alloy 3,  gets its strength from precipitation heat treating. The grade of the C17510 material has a very high yield-strength-to-conductivity ratio and is good for moderate stress applications where galling is a concern. C17510 is used mainly in aerospace and plastic mold tooling industries, this product is ideal for small electronic connector and mold tooling applications including pylon bushings for large turbine engines, conductors, relay parts, and roll pins.


BeCu bar rod Beryllium copper uns c17510 | Battery detection probe


Fabrication Properties

The fabrication properties of beryllium copper alloy C17510 include:

Cold Working
Hot Working

Welding processes such as brazing, soldering, gas shielded arc welding, butt welding, seam welding, coated metal arc welding, and spot welding are recommended for C17510 copper alloy. Oxyacetylene welding is not recommended for this alloy. C17510 copper alloys can be hot worked between 648 and 885 degrees Celsius.

C17510 beryllium copper alloys are highly preferred because they offer corrosion resistance, and its copper properties are high performance and high strength.

Product Application Cases