CuBe2 Bar – UNS.C17200 Beryllium Copper Alloys

Cube 2-C17200 (CDA 172) Beryllium Copper is the most commonly used Copper Beryllium alloy, known for its exceptional strength and hardness compared to other copper alloys. With approximately 2% beryllium content, it can achieve an ultimate tensile strength exceeding 200 ksi and a hardness level similar to Rockwell C45. Moreover, it showcases excellent electrical conductivity, reaching a minimum of 22% IACS when fully aged. Notably, C17200 also exhibits exceptional resistance to stress relaxation at elevated temperatures. These outstanding properties make it a preferred choice for applications requiring high strength, hardness, electrical conductivity, and resistance to stress relaxation.

CuBe2 Bar – UNS.C17200 Beryllium Copper Alloys

Typical Applications of UNS.C17200 Beryllium Copper:
C17200 is highly effective as an insert in plastic molds as it helps reduce heat concentration zones, simplifying or even eliminating the need for cooling water channels. Its excellent thermal conductivity, which is 3-4 times better than mold steel, ensures rapid and uniform cooling of plastic products. This feature reduces product deformation, enhances appearance details, and minimizes production cycle time. Therefore, beryllium copper finds wide application in the following industries:

• Electrical Industry: Electrical switch and relay blades, fuse clips, switch parts, relay parts, connectors, spring connectors, contact bridges, Belleville washers, navigational instruments, clips, fasteners, lock washers, retaining rings, roll pins, screws, and bolts.
• Industrial: Pumps, springs, electrochemical applications, shafts, non-sparking safety tools, flexible metal hoses, instrument housings, bearings, bushings, valve seats, valve stems, diaphragms, welding equipment, rolling mill parts, spline shafts, pump parts, valves, Bourdon tubes, wear plates on heavy equipment, and bellows.
• Available Sizes: Custom diameters and sizes, random mill lengths.
• Molds, cores, and inserts requiring rapid and uniform cooling, high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and excellent polishing requirements.
• Nozzles and confluence cavities in hot runner systems for injection molding, as well as molds, cores, and corner inserts for TV shells in injection molds.
• Inserts for clamping parts, rigid rings, and handle parts of blow molds.

Production Technology Advantages of C17200:
• Our company utilizes high-quality new materials, advanced production equipment, and vacuum melting furnaces to ensure the highest quality. Metal materials are smelted under vacuum conditions to prevent oxidation and ensure better quality.
• We employ a 20MN double-action reverse extruder for production.
• Comprehensive testing equipment, such as universal testing machines and direct reading spectrometers, is used to strictly control quality and conduct thorough inspections at each production stage.

Cube 2-C17200 (CDA 172) Beryllium Copper is widely recognized as the most commonly used Copper Beryllium alloy. What sets it apart is its remarkable strength and hardness, surpassing that of other commercial copper alloys. This alloy contains approximately 2% beryllium, allowing it to achieve an ultimate tensile strength that can exceed 200 ksi. Additionally, it boasts a hardness level approaching Rockwell C45.

Furthermore, C17200 demonstrates excellent electrical conductivity, with a minimum of 22% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard) in its fully aged condition. Another standout characteristic is its exceptional resistance to stress relaxation, particularly at elevated temperatures. This makes C17200 an ideal choice for applications where strength, hardness, electrical conductivity, and resistance to stress relaxation are critical factors.