C18150 Alloy copper sleeve

JiaSheng copper maintains an expert level of high-quality tooling for all made to spec industrial beryllium copper shafts / sleeves machining projects. JiaSheng copper is capable of producing & machining beryllium copper sleeves, shot sleeves, shaft sleeves, shaft sleeves, coupling and the other sleeves according to Customer’s drawing or available samples. Tips forms supplied are from rings, discs, square and rectangular sections, further machined to exact dimensions as well as customers’ required specification.

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Characteristics of C18150 Beryllium Copper Tin bronze copper sleeve

Chromium zirconium copper has good conductivity, thermal conductivity, high hardness, wear resistance, explosion resistance, crack resistance and high softening temperature. It has less electrode loss during welding, fast welding speed and low total welding cost. It is suitable to be used as the electrode related pipe fittings of the welding machine, but it is generally used for electroplating workpieces.
Specifications: The specifications of bars and plates are complete and can be customized according to customer requirements.
Quality requirements:
1. Eddy current conductivity meter is used for conductivity measurement, and the average value of three measuring points is ≥ 44MS/M
2. The hardness is based on Rockwell hardness standard, and the average value of three points is ≥ 78HRB
3. Softening temperature test: after keeping the furnace temperature at 550 ℃ for two hours, the quenching water shall not reduce the original hardness by more than 15% after cooling
Physical indicators: hardness:>75HRB, conductivity:>75% IACS, softening temperature: 550 ℃


C18150 chrome zirconium tung application

Application: This product is widely used in various materials for welding, contact tip, switch contact, mold block and auxiliary device of welding machine in automobile, motorcycle, barrel (can) and other machinery manufacturing industries.
● Resistance welding electrode:
The performance of chromium zirconium copper is guaranteed by the combination of overheating and cold working. It can obtain the best mechanical and physical properties. Therefore, it is used as a resistance welding electrode for general purposes, mainly as an electrode for spot welding or seam welding of low-carbon steel and coated steel plate, and also as an electrode for welding low-carbon steel
Grip, shaft and gasket materials, or electrode grip, shaft and gasket materials for welding mild steel, or large molds and clamps for projection welding machines
● Electric spark electrode: chromium copper has good conductivity and heat conductivity, high hardness, wear resistance and explosion resistance, and is used as electric spark electrode with good verticality and no bending when thinned
High curvature and finish.
● Mold base material: chromium copper has the characteristics of conductive and thermal conductivity, hardness, wear resistance and explosion resistance, and its price is superior to that of beryllium copper mold material
The industry replaces beryllium copper as a general mold material. For example, shoe sole mold, plumbing mold, plastic mold that generally requires high smoothness, etc
● Connector, guide wire and other products requiring high strength wire.
● Resistance welding electrode: chromium zirconium copper is used to ensure its performance by combining overheating and cold working, which can obtain the best mechanical and physical properties.