Beryllium Cobalt Copper – ALLOY 10 (UNS C17500)

Beryllium Cobalt Copper – ALLOY 10 (UNS C17500) is a high conductivity beryllium copper that has very similar mechanical properties to Alloy 3. However, this alloy has an additional alloying element of cobalt rather than nickel, giving it a slightly lower thermal conductivity and melting temperature

Beryllium Cobalt Copper – ALLOY 10 (UNS C17500)

Beryllium cobalt copper is widely used in the manufacture of inserts and cores in injection molds or steel molds. When used as an insert in a plastic mold, it can effectively reduce the temperature of the heat concentration zone, simplifying or eliminating the design of cooling water channels. The existing specifications of beryllium cobalt copper include: Round and flat products formed by forging and rolling, Extruded pipe, Mandrel processed by machine cutting, Ingot casting and various casting profiles, Possess high thermal conductivity; excellent corrosion resistance; excellent polish-ability; excellent abrasion resistance; excellent adhesion resistance; excellent machining properties, High strength and high hardness; extremely good weld-ability, The extremely excellent thermal conductivity of beryllium cobalt copper is about 3 to 4 times better than that of mold steel. This feature can ensure rapid and uniform cooling of plastic products, reduce product deformation, unclear appearance details and similar defects, and in most cases can significantly shorten the production cycle of the product.

Use: Resistive electrode, steel mill horizontal continuous casting mold inner sleeve magnesium-aluminum alloy die-casting mold injection head, bathroom mold

Item No.:JS-A2  (C17500)

Manufacturer: Jiasheng

Chemical composition: Be 0.4%-0.7%,Co2.4-2.7 Cu margin.



Thermal conductivity:≥225%W/M,K20°


Specifications: Beryllium copper plate / beryllium copper rod / beryllium copper sleeve,  customization or any size cutting.