Beryllium copper—also known as spring copper, BeCu, copper

Beryllium copper—also known as spring copper, BeCu, copper beryllium, and beryllium bronze—is a copper-based alloy that contains varying amounts of beryllium. The beryllium content typically ranges between 0.4 to 2%. With its unique properties, beryllium copper finds application across all sectors of industry. Let’s dive deeper into its properties, grades, and applications.

Properties of Beryllium Copper:

High electrical and thermal conductivity.
Non-sparking and non-magnetic characteristics, making it ideal for industries with explosion hazards or sensitive electronic equipment.
High ductility and excellent formability, allowing for easy shaping and machining.
Higher resistance to corrosion and oxidation compared to steel.
Increased durability and wear resistance, reducing the risk of wear and galling.
Retention of properties in extreme temperatures, making it suitable for both high and low-temperature applications.
Ability to undergo precipitation-hardening operations, enhancing its strength and hardness.
High fatigue strength, making it suitable for applications subjected to heavy cyclic loads.
Grades of Beryllium Copper:
Beryllium copper is available in various grades, each offering unique advantages. These grades can be broadly classified into two main categories: high strength alloys and high conductivity alloys.

High strength alloy examples:

Alloy 25: This is the most common grade, containing 1.8 to 2% beryllium. It exhibits high tensile and fatigue strength.
Alloy 190: With 1.8 to 2% beryllium, it offers good machinability, endurance, relaxation resistance, and a characteristic strength-conductivity ratio.
Alloy 10: This grade contains 1.6 to 1.79% beryllium and demonstrates good electrical conductivity.
High conductivity alloy examples:

Alloy 3: With 0.2 to 0.6% beryllium, it exhibits high electrical conductivity.
Alloy 165: This grade contains 0.4 to 0.7% beryllium and offers a balance between strength and conductivity.
Alloy 174: With 0.15 to 0.5% beryllium, it demonstrates high mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.
Applications/Industries Served by Beryllium Copper:

Oil and gas industry: Beryllium copper’s non-sparking characteristics make it suitable for components in oil rigs and mining tools.
Computers and electronics: Used in connectors, springs, and other electrical components.
Non-sparking tools: Beryllium copper tools are essential in environments where sparks could ignite flammable materials.
Fasteners: Beryllium copper fasteners provide excellent corrosion resistance and high strength.
Telecommunication products: Beryllium copper is used in connectors and switches for its electrical conductivity and durability.
Valve seats and cryogenics: Its resistance to corrosion and wear make it suitable for valves in harsh environments.
Injection mold design: Beryllium copper’s high thermal conductivity and durability make it ideal for mold inserts.
Musical instruments: Beryllium copper is used in percussion and string instruments for its excellent tone and durability.
As you can see, beryllium copper offers a wide range of applications due to its unique properties. At Sequoia Brass & Copper, we provide a comprehensive selection of copper products, including beryllium copper, to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and discover the right solution for your industry.